In this day and age with the number of RVs being manufactured and delivered to the dealerships every day, it is imperative that someone perform the rv inspection and quality control of your prospective coach or rv. Let us help with providing a true and accurate assessment of the RV's external appearance, the liveability of the coach, and the mechanical operation.

RV Inspection
The inspection is customized to what is important to you yet we will always emphasize the importance of safety. The inspection is performed to better educate you on the condition of the RV's systems from the front to the rear and roof to the tires reporting our unbiased findings in a report complete with photos.
Boat Inspection
We would enjoy the chance to detail or outfit your boat so you can take full advantage of your time on Lake Texoma in the Denison, Sherman, or the Oklahoma areas.
Wash and Wax
One of our passions is seeing people enjoying their time in travel. We are prepared to wash, wax, and detail your RV inside and out while in the Denison, Sherman, Durant, and surrounding areas
Preventable Maintenance
We've been there, TWICE! On the side of the road with tread separated tires and the roof of a new under warranty 5th wheel flapping in the breeze due to the factory not properly sealing the extrusions, the dealership not inspecting after accepting delivery, and myself for not properly inspecting before our maiden voyage. We try to find the issues before they occur down the road. Talk to us to help insure your next get away is roadside free! The oxygen expelled by Brenda and myself is free. Come visit us in the Denison and Sherman area. Contact us anytime. Thanks
System Repair
When the systems are not performing as intended we will diagnose, repair, or replace the parts or systems which have failed. We will travel to your location in the Texomaland area including Denison, Sherman, and Durant, OK.
Oil and Coolant Analysis
Allow us to analyze your oil, transmission fluid, and the coolant in your various systems then provide a detailed report from JG Lubricant Services, This will provide you the heartbeat of your engine or generator. This is also available as part of an RV inspection.